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Pump Control Systems | i-Alert | PumpSmart

Hayes Pump specializes in designing and implementing rotary equipment & pump control monitors for the Heavy Industrial, Light Industrial, Chemical, Water & Wastewater, Food, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical Markets.  Representing the fine products of +ITT Pro,  these include: Variable Frequency Drives Condition Monitoring Flow Control Flow Monitoring Pressure Monitoring Make any Machine a Smart Machine […]

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Fuel Oil Pump Sets

Fuel Oil Pump Sets manufactured and offered by Hayes Pump are designed, engineered and built to deliver best-in-class product that is robust, reliable, and user-friendly.  They are constructed and built using first class components, and are backed with Hayes commitment to excellence and support-after-sale. Fuel Oil Pump Sets Feature: Industry leader +Viking Pump positive displacement […]

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Eaton Strainer 50

Inline Strainers | Process Filters

Inline Strainers Hayes Pump carries the right inline strainers to ensure your pumps are operating efficiently, minimizing pump wear from undesired substances in your lines.  Pipe inline strainers will reduce your downtime,  reduce your maintenance, protect downstream systems and improve the final product quality.  Their low investment cost makes inline strainers an imperative for your […]

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Mechanical Pump Seals

Hayes Pump offers mechanical pump seals for virtually all types of liquids and gases in the Industrial, Chemical, Commercial, Water & Waste Water, Sanitary, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical markets.   We proudly represent the +John Crane family of products. Mechanical Pump Seals Types: Component seal Single seals Double seals Cartridge seals Dry Gas seal Non-Contacting seal […]

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