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i-Alert2 Pump Monitoring Success Stories

i-Alert Equipment Health Monitors – condition sensors, pressure sensors along with the new i-ALERT Gateway offer class-leading continuous machine monitoring of vibration and temperature with comprehensive wireless reporting.  With this system, you can: Monitor the equipment health of any rotating machine such as pumps, motors, fans, and more. Solve Problems with advanced vibration diagnostic tools […]

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Pump Systems for CBD and Hemp Products

CBD Oil extraction requires low temperature ethanol pumps. Viking Pump offers 2 pumps that will meet the pressure and temperature requirements of  cold ethanol extraction.   Hayes Pump offers local support & service as an authorized Viking Pump service center.   Stainless Steel Cryogenic Pumps Features Hemp Market proven Superior self-priming capabilities Quiet pulsation-free flow Assembled […]

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Have Flow Disruptions Damaged your Pumps?

If you shut a valve on the discharge of many other electric pumps, something is bound to break.  The ABEL EM with the nil-flow control system automatically allows the pump to stop under pressure for added safety and pump protection. The ABEL EM nil-flow electric diaphragm pump is the go-to, energy efficient choice for difficult […]

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Fybroc Fiberglass ANSI pumps

10 Reasons you need a Fybroc fiberglass pump

Fybroc was the first company to develop a fiberglass reinforced pump – in 1966 – and they have continued to focus on non-metallic pumps for 30 years.  It’s their only business!  Here are 10 reasons for you to consider a Fybroc Fiberglass Pump for excellent corrosion resistance in tough applications like pumping of acids, brines, […]

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