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Sandpiper Pumps Provide Superior Submersible Dewatering Solutions

Sandpiper offers several options for submersible pumps.  Watch the video to learn more. The PortaPump® Submersible, Battery-Powered Pump operates using any 12-volt car or truck battery. It comes equipped with cables and battery clips. Extremely portable, the pump weighs only 33 pounds (15kg) and can fit through openings as small as 10″ (25cm). Electrically safe […]

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Eradicator Video

Trash Pumps Eradicator system by Gorman Rupp

Need a better solution to prevent clogging in trash pumps? Gorman-Rupp’s Eradicator™ Solids Management System for Super T Series® line of self-priming centrifugal trash pumps was developed just for demanding applications. It dramatically decreases service calls and overall maintenance costs and improves system uptime. The trash pumps system consists of a new, patented lightweight inspection […]

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Viking Motor Speed Pump

Viking Motor Speed Pump – Smaller, Faster, Easier

Viking Pump’s Internal Gear Motor Speed Pump offers several technological advances in the science of flow solutions for the following liquid pumping applications: Chemicals – Solvents, Glycols, Refrigerants Refined fuels – Oils, Diesel, Biofuel Oils – Crude oil lubrication, Hydraulic, Edible oils Hayes Pump specializes in the following applications for the Viking Motor Speed Pump.   […]

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Pump Control Systems | i-Alert | PumpSmart

Hayes Pump specializes in designing and implementing rotary equipment & pump control systems for the Heavy Industrial, Light Industrial, Chemical, Water & Wastewater, Food, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical Markets.  Representing the fine products of +ITT Pro,  these include: Variable Frequency Drives Condition Monitoring Flow Control Flow Monitoring Make any Machine a Smart Machine – Pumps, […]

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Mechanical Pump Seals

Hayes Pump offers mechanical pump seals for virtually all types of liquids and gases in the Industrial, Chemical, Commercial, Water & Waste Water, Sanitary, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical markets.   We proudly represent the +John Crane family of products. Mechanical Pump Seals Types: Component seal Single seals Double seals Cartridge seals Dry Gas seal Non-Contacting seal […]

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