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John Crane Full Split Mechanical Seal

Mechanical Seal Maintenance Simplified

Power plant slashes mechanical seal maintenance time and labor costs dramatically by switching to split design mechanical shaft seal. Originally published by by Tom Evans of John Crane in the March 2012 issue of Pumps & Systems. For rotating shaft equipment and machinery that include large pumps, seal maintenance can be a time-consuming and expensive proposition. […]

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Do you have a Pump Reliability Program?

Establishing an effective pump reliability program can slash costs, make operations safer and provide uptime benefits. Increasing the mean time between repair (MTBR) is a universal goal for pump end users. While statistics vary, a reasonable pump MTBR goal for a refinery following best practices is about 5 years. The average time between repairs for […]

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Non-OEM Pump Parts

A Dozen Questions before considering non-OEM Pump Parts

The following pump parts checklist of question was developed by ITT Goulds Pumps and provided here for your convenience.  Before you buy non-OEM pump parts, ask yourself these questions. Do the parts incorporate the latest design change in pressures or capacity or refinements made to improve pump operating efficiency, long life and safe operation? Does […]

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Industrial Pump Training

Hayes Pump provides Industrial Pump Training and Seminars for Education.  Our own staff regularly attend training sessions from industry groups as well as manufacturers.  We share this knowledge with our customers by offering training sessions as well as seminars. Industrial Pump Training Hayes Pump’s highly skilled Field Sales Engineers have many years experience training customer’s […]

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