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pumping chocolate

Pumping Chocolate? Confectionaries? Corn Syrup? Here’s the solution.

New Low-Tech, Leak-Free Chocolate Series Pumps In the processing of chocolate and confectionery, special rotary positive displacement pumps are used to move the chocolate through each of the process steps, from milling cocoa beans to depositing, enrobing or panning.  Since the first pumps were used to move chocolate, people have struggled with how to keep […]

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Sealing Power Generation Pumps – The Basics

John Crane recently helped Pumps & Systems editorial staff satisfy reader requests for articles on pump fundamentals.  This article was written by John Morton, chairman of the European Sealing Association, and product marketing manager at John Crane. Since Power Generation has no tolerance for down time,  your sealing choices can make a significant difference in […]

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Two ITT Goulds Products named finalists in Plant Engineer’s 2018 Product of the Year Awards

Two ITT Goulds Pumps Products have been named finalists in Plant Engineer’s 2018 Product of the Year Awards.  At Hayes Pump,  we proudly support Goulds Pumps innovative efforts to continuous improvement by developing award winning pumping solutions.  Read about these products and contact Hayes Pump for assistance understanding how these products can help with your […]

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