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Pump Parts | OEM – Custom

Hayes Pump can assist in finding the right pump parts to fit your particular pump model and configuration, whether that be in-stock,  special order,  or custom made.  Our factory trained parts specialists are certified by our manufacturers to ensure we provide you with the highest level of parts service available.   We inventory a large number of parts,  and work with you to ensure you have the right parts on hand for routine maintenance needs.  Our Field Sales Engineers can even survey your equipment in the field to make sure you order the right parts.  You can fax part orders in to 888-778-5089.

Several manufacturers offer Pump Part Kits to ensure you have everything necessary to complete your maintenance work.  OEM parts are the first recommendation to keep your pumps operating according to manufacturer specifications.

Goulds Pump Parts

ITT Goulds ASC

Don’t be fooled by look-a-likes. At first glance most pump parts tend to look the same, but when you take a closer look and compare — the difference is distinctly clear.  Tests show that non-OEM parts have 7.4% less efficiency, 4.6% less capacity,  and 7% less total head than Goulds.

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Itt logoProCast Custom Part Manufacturing for Unique or Obsolete Parts

When you have a pump that you can’t find parts for, whether it’s obsolete or previous custom made,  Hayes Pump can help.  Through a partnership with ITT’s ProCast, we can provide re-engineered parts to keep your pumps running.

ProCast can produce metal centrifugal pump replacement parts with their custom engineering on 3-D CAD, molding and fabrication services, using the latest in 3-D on demand printing. They can even re-engineer parts to improve hydraulic performance and equipment life cycle.  The service can be a cost effective way of keeping those old pumps running smoothly.  All parts are 100% inspected, and can even be ISO quality level.  They offer a variety of material types from stainless to cast iron.  Parts can be made to fit Sulzer, Flowserve and Warman.  To get a quote and delivery date,  we will need a few photos with rough dimensions / weights.

Viking Pump Part Kits


Viking Pump’s genuine OEM Pump Part Kits contain everything you need to make repairs – seal, rebuild and rebuild less head (pin only) –  in one convenient kit.  Using these kits to replace all parts at the same time will drastically reduce the overall maintenance time on your pumps, reduce your repair frequency, and increase the service life.  All parts are specifically designed to meet Viking Pump performance requirements, optimum reliability, and backed by Viking’s own warranty.  Viking Pump Part Kits allow you to effectively rebuild your pump instead of replacing, giving you an average 35% savings.

Sandpiper Pump Parts


Through our partnership with Warren Rupp Sandpiper,  we offer reliable genuine Sandpiper parts in convenient pump parts kits or individually.  The kits have the advantage of keeping everything in one place when you need it.  Utilizing the entire kit means less downtime from additional maintenance later.  They are easy to order and easy to stock.  It’s easy to repair your pump by using the instructional videos provided by Sandpiper’s expert certified support team.


Watch these Videos on Pump Parts and Repair How Tos.