Commercial HVAC Pumps

As the oldest and largest pump distributor in the region, Hayes Pump Inc. provides pumps for HVAC applications, including cooling towers, circulators for hot or cold water, sump pumps, and variable frequency drive (VFD) constant pressure systems. Our company distributes, delivers, installs, services, and repairs industrial pump systems for commercial HVAC systems throughout the Northeast, from Maine to New Jersey. 

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Common Pumps Used for Commercial HVAC Systems

The most commonly used type of pump used in today’s commercial HVAC systems is the centrifugal pump, which comes as end-suction, vertical in-line, split-case, and vertical multi-stage pumps, along with variations on these.

Our selection of quality pumps for commercial HVAC systems includes: 

  • End-suction pumps: Made to exceed energy standards for the US Department of Energy (DOE), these pumps improve HVAC energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. End-suction pumps allow water to enter the pump horizontally through the end, which changes direction to discharge vertically. Typically using floor-based installations, end-suction pumps are used in HVAC systems with capacities up to 4000 gallons per minute and with a pressure differential of 150 feet of head.
  • Vertical in-line pumps: Offering even better efficiency and resistance to chemicals, along with decreased corrosion, these pumps also exceed US DOE standards for energy while reducing maintenance costs. Vertical in-line pumps are close-coupled, coming in models that offer single or double suction. With its pump and motor directly mounted on the pump’s casing, it’s normally mounted on and supported by the piping system into which it’s installed, though larger pump assemblies are sometimes floor-mounted. Vertical in-line pumps used in HVAC systems can usually handle up to 2500 gallons per minute, with a pressure differential of 300 feet.
  • Split-Case Pumps: Built to provide lower operational costs and higher energy efficiency, they’re known for their quiet operation. These, too, offer either single or double suction. Single-suction pumps have water entering the impeller from only one side, whereas double-suction pumps have fluid entering the impeller from both sides. Split-case pumps sometimes have multiple impellers, which increase the pressure differential within a pump. Available in models that are positioned either horizontally or vertically, both types allow full access to the impeller for servicing purposes. Split-case pumps are used for larger HVAC systems, with capacity ranges up to 6500 gallons per minute and a pressure differential of 600 feet of head.
  • Vertical multi-stage pumps: As a reliable mainstay pump that utilizes 75 percent less floor space than horizontal pumps, these pumps are frequently chosen to solve everyday challenges when a high-head, low-flowing pump is needed. Vertical multi-stage pumps can withstand high-temperature and corrosive liquids and other demanding applications to extend uptime and lifecycle while reducing operational costs.

Hayes Pump provides a variety of systems and components from premium HVAC pump manufacturers. From end-suction to vertical multi-stage pumps and from submersible to extended shaft sump pumps.

Hayes Pump distributes commercial HVAC products by manufacturers that include: 

  • Pentair Aurora: We distribute their expansive line of Aurora pumps.
  • Xylem: We distribute their centrifugal and turbine pumps, controllers, VFDs, and other accessories.
  • ITT Goulds:  Centrifugal, multi-stage, vertical turbine, Pump Smart and ProSmart

We can additionally assist with designing and engineering commercial HVAC systems, specifications for components, and purchasing the best products for the application. After building a commercial HVAC system, we also assist with training and maintenance planning. For more information about our centrifugal water pumps, parts, and services, or to request a quote, we invite you to look through our inventory.

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