Experience the Durability of Omega Thermo Products

Enhanced Design & Quality Control

Hayes Pump offers Omega Thermo Products, emphasizing experience, innovation, and dependability in its product design and durability approach. The laser heat exchangers are manufactured with heat transfer surfaces that utilize the latest laser welding technology, offering enhanced design and quality control. This innovative technology offers consistent and reliable performance across various industries and applications, such as food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and HVACR.

Proven Benefits

The Omega Thermo Products laser heat exchangers have been proven to offer superior durability and performance. Designed to provide maximum efficiency with minimal energy consumption during operation, they are ideal for any job requiring heat transfer solutions.

Omega’s products have multiple design, finish, and material design options. Surfaces and assemblies can be customized and created according to ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1. Certifications such as CRN and PED.

Quality You Can Trust

The laser heat exchangers are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest performance and safety standards. At Hayes Pump, our commitment to quality ensures that you can rest assured that the products we recommend and sell will provide reliable performance every time.

Hayes Pump offers Omega Thermo Products in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Greater New York City Metro, and Eastern New York State.

Applications & Industries