Paper & Pulp Pumps

As the oldest and largest pump distributor in the Northeast, Hayes Pump has long-standing relationships with pump makers in the pulp and paper industry. Our company has been the exclusive distributor of ITT Goulds Pumps and Moyno Industrial Products for over a quarter century. Hayes Pump also carries a selection of other industrial pumps for pulp and paper processing and other pump-related equipment and components.

pulp and paper industry

For pulp and papermaking, Hayes Pump distributes equipment from manufacturers that include: 

  • Chemineer: rotating agitators, along with their Kenics brand static mixers
  • Gorman-Rupp Company: product line that includes lift stations, packaged systems, self-priming pumps, and submersible pumps
  • ITT Goulds Pumps: comprehensive range of pumps, including the popular Model 3175 and the Model 3180/3185 process pump line.
  • Liquiflo: chemical processing pumps that include both their centrifugal and gear pumps
  • Moyno: progressing cavity pumps
  • Viking Pump: broad range of products that includes industrial pumps, along with parts and accessories like maintenance kits, reducers, and strainers.
  • Warren-Rupp: Sandpiper brand air diaphragm pumps
  • John Crane Sealing Technologies:  Various seal types engineered for your application.

Pumps for Wood Pulp & Papermaking

Pumps assist with the papermaking process by transporting slurries made from wood chips treated with an acidic solution to dissolve the lignin within them to become what’s referred to as wood-free pulp. These abrasive, corrosive slurries need to be pumped from various locations throughout the papermaking process.

Breaking down pulp requires removing lignin and separating wood fibers to form abrasive slurries using highly corrosive acids. Because of the caustic nature of these slurries, pumps and their components will wear pumps with critical tolerances. Next comes the bleaching process, separating the pulp into large tanks. Here, the slurry is injected with bleach, dye, filler, and other material, depending on the type of paper produced. This part of the process removes residual lignin.

As pulp slurry must be pumped from one location to another during processing, pumps must withstand clogging, as the pumped slurry contains solids and corrosive materials. The slurry itself tends to be extremely abrasive, heavy, and viscous. Paper and pulp pumps must allow larger solids like fibers, pulp, rocks, and woodchips through centrifugal pumps without clogging.

Types of pumps used in pulp and paper-making include: 

  • Headbox or cleaner pumps are optimized double-flow axial split-case pumps made especially for the pulp and paper industry.
  • Medium-consistency pumps transport chemical and mechanical pulp along with secondary fibers and can be used without an external or internal vacuum pump.
  • Process pumps are centrifugal pumps used throughout pulp and paper mills
  • Self-priming centrifugal pumps transport material with high content of gas and, due to their open impellers, are very fit for moving viscous material and slurries with solids.  
  • Sump pumps move abrasive media, pulp suspensions, and slurries with solids and larger particles.

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