Pumps and Engineered Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pumps in pharmaceutical plants must maintain hygiene and sanitary standards while transporting fluids across different equipment. In addition, the pumps should remain free from contaminants to prevent the drugs and medications from losing efficacy as they move across processes, such as drying, distillation, degassing, crystallization, and sterilization.


Types of Pumps Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

At Hayes Pump, we offer a range of pharmaceutical pumps designed with the strictest standards to ensure efficient and contamination-free production continuously. These pumps conform to ANSI and ASME dimensions to meet the stringent quality and safety requirements. 

Whether you manufacture drugs in bulk, intermediaries, or active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), our high-quality range of pumps and system solutions ensure the highest performance at a lower total cost of ownership.

Some of the popular pharmaceutical pumps we offer include:

  • Diaphragm pumps: Typically used for injecting fluids into extruders, transfer of proteins and cells, chromatography, and coating operations
  • Rotary pumps: Commonly used in pharmaceutical plants to move high-viscous fluids while conforming to specific sanitary requirements
  • Piston pumps: These are popular pump types known for reliability and accuracy and are typically used for biopharmaceutical processes like liquid filling

Pump Systems for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

At Hayes Pump, we also offer a variety of engineered pump systems designed specifically for your pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements. From chemical feed systems to complete custom-packaged process skids, our team of experts can help you with design and component specifications to product purchasing. Once we’ve built the system, we offer support for the startup, maintenance planning, training, and more.

With Hayes Pump, you can also benefit from our pump maintenance programs and repair services from factory-trained technicians to ensure optimum performance from your pumps with minimal downtime.

Not sure which pump best fits your pharmaceutical manufacturing needs? Feel free to reach out to one of our industry experts and get assistance in selecting the best pumps and system solutions for your pharmaceutical and biotech applications. Contact us today!