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Inline Strainers | Process Filters

Inline Strainers

Hayes Pump carries the right inline strainers to ensure your pumps are operating efficiently, minimizing pump wear from undesired substances in your lines.  Pipe inline strainers will reduce your downtime,  reduce your maintenance, protect downstream systems and improve the final product quality.  Their low investment cost makes inline strainers an imperative for your process systems.

  • Metallic and non-Metallic
  • In-Line
  • Simplex
  • Duplex
  • “Y” Strainers

Manufacturers include: Eaton / Hayward, +Viking

Liquid, Air and Gas Process Filters

Hayes Pump carries a wide assortment of Liquid Filters, Air Filters and Gas Process Filters to meet your pumping needs.

  • Elements
  • Cartridge
  • Bag
  • Surface
  • Depth
  • Vessels
  • System Skids
  • Hydraulic
  • Industrial
  • Compressed Air

Manufacturers Include:  Indufil, Koch, Parker, Dominic Hunter / Finite, Balston, PTI Technologies

Mixers, Agitators, Impellers and Auxiliaries

Hayes Pump represents a complete line of agitators, high shear mixers, static mixers, and heat exchangers.  Manufacturers include:

  • Chemineer (gear drive agitators and portable mixers)
  • Prochem (belt driven agitators)
  • Greerco (high shear mixers)
  • Kenics (static mixers and heat exchangers)
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