Flygt Pumps & Mixers

Hayes Pump represents all Flygt products exclusively for the industrial markets in the New England area.

Flygt, a brand of Xylem, is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of dry and submersible pumps, mixers and related intelligent controls systems. Flygt manufacturers a complete range of products and solutions for moving water, wastewater, as well as advanced monitoring and control equipment to optimize the pump usage. Product development and manufacturing of Flygt products is based in Sweden.

The Hayes Pump Advantage:

Hayes offers complete authorized sales & service for Flygt products.  Our Flygt product  expertise allows us to provide solutions for your water and wastewater applications for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, industrial and R&D.


Mixer 4220

Submersible high-efficiency compact mixer with adjustable speed for wastewater, sludge and similar. The tank-side operator panel or plant-integrated communication functions put you in control of your mixer’s output to meet changing needs and maintain desired results, whether it is due to daily variations or infrequent events like seasonal fluctuations or process changes.

Mixer 4320

This low speed mixer combines reliability and rugged performance with unmatched energy efficiency that is easy to operate, easy to adjust. You can adjust for today’s flow and loadings, with the flexibility to change quickly to meet seasonal demands, and still have the power reserve to adjust to future flows as thrust requirements increase

Pump 2400

The 2-stage 2400 HT reaches higher heads than any other pump in the 2000 series, yet still allows for impressive solids handling. This makes it the pump of choice for many mine drainage applications, but the medium-head 2400 MT pump is also a truly versatile dewatering problem solver.

Submersible Pump 2620

Designed for reliability, the 2620 features innovations that reduce wear on the impeller and seal. The hydraulic design on the Flygt 2600 series pumps makes them several times more wear resistant in comparison with traditional dewatering pumps.  Their seal system reduces the amount of abrasives in the seal cavity.

Sludge Pump – BIBO 2870

Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, the hydraulic design on the pump makes it several times more wear resistant in comparison with traditional dewatering pumps.  The wide base and the discharge on the side of the cooling jacket make the BIBO 2870 pump stable. The top provides easy access to the terminal board and the handle that will secure the pump when hanging. ​

Sludge Pump DS 2730

Flygt DS 2730 is an electric-submersible, corrosion-resistant sludge pump, built to withstand the toughest job sites with corrosive and/or abrasive liquids found in mines, industrial sites and public utility applications.

Slurry Pump 5100

This Flygt pump can work in even the coarsest, heaviest slurries and keep sumps solids free.

Sludge Pump 2630

These portable pumps tackle the tough challenge of moving sludge and other heavy liquids with ease… without clogging. These compact solids-handling pumps feature a high-chrome vortex impeller that enables large solids and solids concentrations of approximately 20% by weight to pass easily through the system.

Column Propeller Pump P7081

The P 7081 pump offers maximum reliability, thanks to our well proven and unique N-technology consisting of backswept leading edges on the propeller blades and a relief groove in the wear ring area. The patented N-technology assures a self-cleaning pump resulting in no unplanned stops and reduced energy bills due to its sustained high efficiency.

Wastewater Pump N 3085 & Wastewater Pump N 3153

These pumps feature mechanical self-cleaning design, meaning a sludge concentration up to 8% can easily be pumped. Most solid objects entering the pump will pass through the impeller between the impeller vanes. If an object gets caught on the leading edge of one of the vanes, it will slide along the backswept shape towards the perimeter of the inlet.

Smart Run Pump Controller

This pump-station controller supports pump stations with up to three alternating pumps. An integral part of the Experior™ range of product offerings, this pump-control unit lets your pump take care of itself, freeing debris and unclogging blockages when needed, setting the optimal speed for energy efficiency and cost savings, as well as communicating with external monitoring equipment for peace of mind.


Hayes Pump Industry specializations for Flygt include:

  • Food and beverage water and wastewater
  • Pharmaceutical water and wastewater
  • Industrial water and wastewater
  • R&D water and wastewater

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