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Hayes Pump distributes Pentair Aurora’s broad line of Aurora pumps. Aurora manufactures a wide range of pumps and pump systems used in a variety of markets in Commercial, Industrial and Municipal applications throughout the world. Hayes specializes in Pentair Aurora pumps well suited for the demands of the Commercial plumbing & HVAC industry.

Pentair Aurora pumps are known for consistent, quality manufacturing and performance that outlasts competitors. Aurora Pump draws on its 95 years of experience to provide the right pumping solution for each application. Pentair Aurora’s commitment to excellence goes beyond the product line. They are dedicated to incorporating the latest technologies in pump manufacturing.

Hayes Pump offers Aurora Pumps in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Greater New York City Metro area.

The Hayes Pump Advantage:

Hayes’ engineering staff has decades of experience working with Engineering Firms, Contractors and End users in all markets and applications. Hayes Pump is a factory-trained, stocking distributor for Aurora Pump and provides local support and inventory.


  • End Suction
  • Inline centrifugal pumps
  • Split Case centrifugal pumps
  • Booster Systems
  • Regenerative Turbine
  • Vertical Multi-Stage pumps
  • Condensate Systems
  • Boiler Feed Systems
  • Sump Pumps
  • Sewage Pumps

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pentair-aurora-regenerative-turbine-pump Pentair-aurora-end-suction-pump pentair-aurora-split-case-pump



Whether you need a pump for recirculating water within an HVAC loop, boosting water pressure for sinks, showers and landscaping, dewatering of construction sites or for delivery of water for golf courses, water parks, and fountains, Pentair Aurora delivers on satisfaction.

Fire Protection

As an ISO 9001 registered company, Aurora Pump is committed to quality.  This quality assures that Aurora will keep your fire pump system at peak performance for years to come. You can rely on Aurora Pump and our qualified distributor, Hayes Pump, to provide total pump solutions for fire protection.


Providing pumps for process water supply, spray booths, cooling water supply, transfer and recirculation, you can find the right pump among the broad selection of Pentair’s Aurora pumps and pumping equipment.

Marine, Oil & Gas

From reciprocating pumps, horizontal split-case and process pumps, to our industrial vertical inline, horizontal split-case, vertical split-case,and vertical turbine pumps Pentair Aurora provides quality solutions for this industry.

Municipal/ Water Treatment

Municipalities need to secure water from the ground, surface and sea, control flooding, and manage wastewater. Pentair offers high-pressure membrane feed pumps for reverse osmosis applications to create potable water where once there was none, and move it to the people who need it.

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