Temperature Control

Single Embossed and Double Embossed Omega Laser Plates

Hayes Pump carries laser plate heat exchangers, the centerpiece product Omega Thermo Products offers. Its laser heat exchangers are manufactured with heat transfer surfaces that utilize the latest laser welding technology, which offers enhanced design, durability, and quality control. 

Laser Plate Configurations and Customizations

Based on the project’s needs, Omega’s Laser Plate products have multiple design, finish, and material design options. Surfaces and assemblies can be customized and created according to ASME Code Section VIII Div. 1. Certifications such as CRN and PED.

Laser Plates, or heat exchanger plates, can be used in many ways to heat or cool your product. Specific configurations and customizations relating to Omega’s heat exchangers are:

  • Immersion Plates
  • Tank Clamp-On Plates
  • Plate Bank Assemblies
  • Bayonet and Suction Heaters
  • Heat Recovery Plate Banks
  • Custom Fabricated Assemblies

Heater Exchanger Plate Applications

The potential applications for Laser Plate implementations are endless. Major markets include, but are not limited to, the following: