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Hayes Pump partners with Mission Communications to offer turnkey, wireless monitoring and control systems for municipal water and wastewater systems. Mission Communications provides full SCADA systems that are very affordable, easy to install, simple to use and remarkably reliable. New systems can be up and running in less than a day. Use advanced monitoring managed scada as a stand alone system or backup for existing SCADA systems. Hayes Pump is a factory-trained, stocking distributor for Mission SCADA and provides local support and inventory.

Mission Communications provides the highest quality remote monitoring equipment and notification services, utilizing cost-effective wireless transport technology. These systems provide customers management information concerning their remote facilities and the people that maintain those facilities. Data is available immediately via the Internet. Mission is continually upgrading its centralized management information services to provide the latest innovations in technology.

Hayes Pump offers Mission SCADA products in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

The Hayes Pump Advantage:

Hayes is a fully trained and authorized service & repair facility for Mission Pump.  We are the experts in our regions.


Mission Communications Key Product Lines:

Manhole Monitor In-Sewer Overflow Alarm System

  • The Mission Manhole Monitor is a complete sewer overflow tracking and alarm system designed to be installed in Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) locations.
  • It includes the Manhole Monitor RTU, two quick-connecting floats, an in-road antenna and installation hardware.
  • Avoid spills and high level conditions with early notifications.

M110 Full Monitoring

  • Mission M-110 offers a turnkey monitoring and control system to manage remote sites.
  • This system is an automated management system, both for pumping stations, and the people who maintain them.

M200 Solar Rain Gauge

  • Mission M-200 includes the M-110 pre-packaged and wired to perform remote rainfall measurements.
  • The M-110 has a solar power mode and makes a perfect low power rainfall measurement system.
  • Sturdy mounting holds the solar panel and antenna and has a built in leveling plate for the rain gauge.

M800 Realtime SCADA

  • Mission Pump combines AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Rogers cellular coverage with centralized computer services to offer a revolutionary, real time monitoring and control SCADA system.
  • Stand alone or complement existing radio/phone line based SCADA systems.
  • Easy installation and cost effective.


All Mission SCADA systems include:

  • Two Secure Websites
  • Analysis and Alerts
  • Management Reports
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Site Access Logs
  • Alarm Message Delivery
  • Graphing and Display Software
  • Pump Run time and Starts

Applications & Industries

Water, Wastewater and many Industrial Applications. Booster Stations, Elevated Tanks, Flow Meters, Lift Stations, PRV Stations, Rainfall Monitoring, SSO/CSO Alarms, Water Meters and Well Control.


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